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Kirsten after 3 months of lessons

How are your piano lessons different?

Joy of Music teaches a new method called Simply Music. Just as a child learns to talk before they read and write, by learning to speak the language of music before trying to read it, a student can learn to read better and faster than with traditional lessons.

How long does it take to learn piano?

With traditional lessons, it typically takes most children 2-3 years of lessons before they want to play in public. Because we focus on playing first, we can get similar results in months, not years. Our students regularly are playing songs as well or better than students taking lessons for twice as long at other studios.

Can I learn to play by ear?

Yes, and so much more. Because we teach music as a language, you will eventually learn how to play songs you hear on the radio, arrange songs, and even write your own songs. We want you to have complete freedom to read, write, or spontaneously improvise in any style from classical to jazz to rock.

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